Our Strategy  

The current strategy is to rationalise the Company into a strong resource, asset based entity.

An important part of the strategy was the sale of the Julia Creek in Queensland, Australia oil share tenements. The disposal was to a private company known as Global Oil Shale Group Limited (GOS). This disposal provides for 7,500,000 shares in GOS when they eventually undertake a public listing.

The remainder of the group’s portfolio has been put under care and maintenance and remain as passive investments with some potential for royalties in the future.
In accordance with the strategy of the reorganisation, the Company disposed of its shares in Equus Mining Limited on 14 February 2013 for a consideration of £650,000. Equus was formerly Caspian Oil and Gas which was a position negotiated by the Company in resolving its Kyrgyz Republic oil and gas exploration activities.

The Company is currently reviewing possible joint ventures, asset purchase and reverse take-overs in the general resource sector.

The negativity surrounding smaller companies makes the raising of money for oil gas farm-ins extremely expensive whilst greenfields mining explorations projects are less costly with similar upside to successful oil and gas projects. Against this background, the Company is focusing its strategy on base metal exploration projects with particular emphasis on copper and nickel on a global basis.

  The Right People  

Xtract aims to source talented individuals who can contribute at board and senior management levels, and who have the necessary qualifications, experience, enterprise and motivation to develop and grow early stage assets and businesses. Xtract expects to maintain a small core executive management team on a full time basis and to use its wide network of industry associates to access the necessary skill sets and experience required on a part time or when required basis. Where specific expertise is needed, acknowledged expert consultants are retained. Xtract seeks to develop relationships with internationally recognised industry partners who are best placed to progress early stage assets and businesses along the value chain.


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