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Xtract Energy Plc (‘Xtract’) was established in 2004 (as then Resmex Plc) and its shares were admitted to trading on AIM at the end of March 2005.

Xtract Energy identifies and invests in a portfolio of early stage resource assets and business interests with significant growth potential. We aim to engage closely with the associate management teams to achieve project milestones, finance early stage asset and business development activity, and then finance the asset development phase, or if appropriate, crystallise value for all shareholders at a suitable exit point. We aim to achieve returns for our shareholders through access to the significant upside rewards associated with our investments.

The Directors evaluate new investment opportunities from time to time and may engage the Company in additional businesses and projects in conventional and non-conventional fields, such as oil shale. Opportunities considered may be green field and/or involve the acquisition of, or participation in, already existing businesses which may be quoted or unquoted. Due to the typically active nature of our engagement with investee companies, we expect that our portfolio will continue to be focused on a relatively limited number of significant investments rather than being very broadly spread.

The principal assets of Xtract are its holdings in Elko Energy Inc, Zhibek Resources Ltd and its joint ventured Oil Shale deposits in Queensland, Australia.


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Xtract Energy Plc
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